What is Survival Bunker about?

In a world where the date is uncertain, you are one of the few survivors of a series of apocalyptic disasters. Your mission is to build and manage an underground bunker to protect what remains of humanity. Explore a vast open world, collect resources, and face various threats. Survival Bunker is a solo survival, exploration, and building game.

When will Survival Bunker be released?

Survival Bunker is currently in the early stages of development. It is too early to provide an estimated release date. Add the game to your wishlist on Steam and Epic Games Store to support us.

Will Survival Bunker be released on consoles?

Our priority is the PC release. However, we plan to port Survival Bunker to consoles in the future.

What languages will Survival Bunker support?

The game is being developed in English. We plan to offer multiple languages, prioritizing those most requested by the community. During the alpha sessions, the game will only be available in English.

How much will the game cost?

It is too early to set a price.

What can you expect from Survival Bunker during and after early access?

Survival Bunker is currently in early access, which means the game is still in development. During this phase, players can expect regular updates that will introduce new features, fix bugs, and improve gameplay. We value community feedback and will actively engage with our player base to create the best game possible.

In the early access version, players will have access to basic gameplay mechanics, including bunker building, resource management, and exploration. However, please note that some features are still in development and may be added or refined as we progress.

Beyond Early Access, we plan to launch a full version of the game that will include additional content, polished gameplay, and further optimizations. We’re committed to creating an immersive and enjoyable survival experience, and we’re excited to have you join us on this journey.

🌍 Hello to all our international supporters,

We are aware that not everyone has the opportunity to play games in their native language. That’s why we are actively working on translating “Survival Bunker” into multiple languages.

🛠️ How does it work? We have adopted a progressive approach to translations. This means that even if your language is not yet available, it could be in the future depending on the feedback and support we receive.

🙏 Your patience and support are greatly appreciated. We are doing our best to make “Survival Bunker” accessible to as many people as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!

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