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Welcome to Survival Bunker, a first-person or third-person post-apocalyptic survival game. In a world where the date is uncertain, you are one of the few survivors of a series of apocalyptic disasters. As a solo player, your mission is to build and manage an underground bunker to protect what remains of humanity.

To improve your bunker and the living conditions of its inhabitants, you will need to venture to the surface. You will collect resources, discover useful items, and learn to craft new equipment. You must progress and adapt through the ruins of the collapsed past civilization. You will travel on foot or by car, alone or accompanied by a dog. Over time, you will be equipped with a drone to better explore the surroundings.

But beware, danger comes in many forms: from zombies and dangerous animals to hostile human groups. Every decision you make will have consequences, so plan carefully and prepare to face the unknown. Death will be merciless, but your absence will not be in vain as you will be replaced by your spouse or child.

“Please note that in this video, the environments, characters, and other elements are only prototypes and do not represent the final game. We are actively working to improve all aspects of the game to provide you with the best possible experience when Survival Bunker is ready for its launch. Your support and understanding are greatly appreciated during this development phase. Stay tuned for more information and exciting updates on the progress of Survival Bunker.”



In Survival Bunker, the bunker is not just a shelter; it is the heart of your survival and the last line of defense against external threats. Located deep underground, this underground complex is fully customizable and scalable. You start with basic facilities, but as you collect resources and skills, you can upgrade and expand your bunker to make it more efficient and comfortable for its inhabitants.

Each section of the bunker serves a specific function, whether it’s the generator room for power, the greenhouse for food, or the infirmary for treating illnesses and injuries. Resource management is crucial: electricity, water, food, and medical supplies are all essential for long-term survival.

But the bunker is not an impenetrable fortress. You will need to defend it against invasions, whether it’s hordes of zombies or hostile human groups. Security systems, traps, and defenses are therefore essential to ensure the safety of your community.

In summary, the bunker is much more than a simple shelter: it’s a micro-society that you will need to manage, protect, and improve to ensure the survival of your community in this post-apocalyptic world.



In Survival Bunker, players are immersed in a vast open world that is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The setting is a post-apocalyptic landscape where nature has reclaimed its territory, resulting in vast forests, abandoned cities, and desolate villages. The open-world design allows for a high degree of freedom, giving players the choice of their own path and strategy for survival.

The world is dynamic and ever-changing, influenced by a variety of survival mechanics such as health, thirst, hunger, stamina, and disease. Resources are scarce, and players must scavenge, craft, and build to stay alive. The environment itself presents a range of challenges, from harsh weather conditions to dangerous wildlife and hostile human groups.

Exploration is rewarded with valuable resources, hidden secrets, and clues about the world’s tragic past. Whether you’re searching for food, crafting items, or building your underground bunker, the open world of Survival Bunker offers countless opportunities and challenges for players to discover and overcome.


In Survival Bunker, vehicles are not just a luxury; they are a vital element of your survival strategy. These vehicles serve multiple purposes, whether it’s transporting resources to your bunker or efficiently exploring remote locations.

As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your vehicles, increasing their speed, storage capacity, and durability. But remember, vehicles also require maintenance and fuel, adding another layer of complexity to your survival strategy.

In this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world, a reliable vehicle can make the difference between life and death. Choose your vehicle carefully, as it will play a crucial role in your quest for survival.


In Survival Bunker, the drone is much more than just a technological gadget; it is an essential tool for your survival. Equipped with various features, the drone is primarily used for exploration and surveillance.

The drone gives you the ability to fly over potentially dangerous or inaccessible areas, providing you with valuable information about your surroundings. It can also be equipped with sensors to detect threats, helping you plan your next moves.

However, the drone has its limitations. It operates on battery power and has limited range, so you will need to use it wisely to maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, in a world where resources are limited, maintaining and upgrading your drone will require specific materials and skills.

In summary, the drone is a valuable addition to your survival arsenal, offering reconnaissance and strategic planning options that you wouldn’t have otherwise.


In Survival Bunker, the dog is not only a loyal companion but also a valuable ally for your survival. With sharp senses, the dog can assist you in various ways, including detecting dangers and helping you find resources.

The dog can track trails, bark to alert you to threats, and even assist you in hunting. Its presence can also have a positive effect on morale, which is crucial in such a challenging environment.

However, having a dog also comes with responsibilities. You will need to feed, care for, and ensure its well-being, adding another layer of complexity to your survival strategy.

In summary, the dog is a multifunctional addition to your survival experience, providing both emotional support and practical benefits.


In Survival Bunker, danger comes in many forms. You are not alone in this post-apocalyptic world, and not all creatures you encounter will be friendly. Enemies in the game range from zombies to dangerous animals, as well as other hostile human groups.

Zombies pose a constant threat, wandering aimlessly and attacking anything that moves. Dangerous animals, while less predictable, can be just as deadly if encountered in unfavorable circumstances.

But perhaps the most dangerous of all are other human groups. Some may be hostile from the start, seeking to plunder your resources or eliminate a potential threat. Others may be more subtle, pretending to be friendly before betraying your trust.

Every decision you make in your interaction with these enemies will have consequences. Therefore, you will need to be cautious, strategic, and always prepared to face the unknown.


In Survival Bunker, character progression is less focused on a traditional leveling system and more on the development of specific skills and talents. Similar to games like Fallout, you will have the freedom to customize your character based on your playstyle.

Skills and Talents

Instead of leveling up, players will earn skill points by completing certain tasks, exploring, or succeeding in missions. These points can then be invested in a variety of skills and talents, ranging from combat to resource management and diplomacy.

Crafting and Equipment

Progression is not just about skills and talents. The game features a robust crafting system that allows you to create items and equipment to enhance your stats and abilities.

Quests and Missions

Quests and missions are another way to progress. By completing them, you can earn unique rewards, additional skill points, and even unlock new skills or talents.

Impact on the World

How you choose to develop your character will have an impact on the world around you. For example, investing in diplomacy skills could open up new dialogue options, while focusing on combat could make certain battles easier.

Flexibility and Customization

The absence of a traditional leveling system provides great flexibility, allowing you to create a truly unique character. Whether you’re a fighter, a diplomat, or a craftsman, Survival Bunker gives you the tools to play the way you want.


In Survival Bunker, social interactions play a crucial role in your gaming experience. You are not alone in this post-apocalyptic world; you will encounter other survivors, whether they be friends or foes.

Dialogue and Negotiation

The game features an interactive dialogue system that allows you to negotiate, trade, or even form alliances. Your diplomacy skills can influence the outcome of these interactions, opening up new paths and opportunities.

Community Management

As a bunker manager, you will also have the responsibility of taking care of your community. This includes resolving internal conflicts, distributing resources, and making decisions that will affect the morale and health of your inhabitants.

Reputation and Consequences

Your actions and decisions will have an impact on your reputation with the various groups and individuals you encounter. A bad reputation could make interactions more challenging, while a good reputation could open doors for you.

Random Social Events

The game also includes random social events that can occur at any time. These events can be as simple as a dispute between two inhabitants or as complex as an invasion of your bunker.


In Survival Bunker, the management of your character’s and your community’s health and well-being is essential for long-term survival.

Physiological Needs

The game incorporates mechanics for hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Neglecting these needs can have serious consequences, ranging from decreased performance to death.

Diseases and Injuries

The risks of illness and injury are ever-present. You will need to manage medical resources, create remedies, and treat injuries to maintain the health of your community.

Mental Health

Stress and morale also play a role. Traumatic events or low morale can affect the mental health of your character and your community, which can have consequences on their effectiveness and well-being.

Exercise and Training

Physical exercise is not only good for health but can also improve your character’s skills. Regular training can increase your endurance, strength, and other physical attributes.

Diet and Nutrition

The quality and quantity of food you provide to your community can also affect their health. A balanced diet can increase resistance to diseases and improve performance.

What happens if your character dies?

In Survival Bunker, the death of your character is not the end of the game, but it has serious consequences.

Role Succession

If your character dies, the role of bunker manager is passed on to a member of your community, whether it’s your spouse or child. You continue to play by embodying this new character.

Loss of Skills

The new character will not have the same skills or attributes as your previous character, which can make bunker management more challenging.

Impact on the Community

The death of a leader can have a negative impact on the morale of the community. You will need to work to regain their trust and maintain group cohesion.

Items and Resources

The items and resources that your previous character possessed will be transferred to the new character, but some special items may be lost.

New Opportunities

The death of your character can also open up new narrative opportunities or challenges, adding an additional layer of complexity and engagement to the game.

Game Elements Evolution

It’s important to note that Survival Bunker is a dynamic project, and various game elements such as textures, models, and features are subject to change. The evolution of these elements is closely tied to the project’s financial health, which, in turn, depends on game sales and crowdfunding efforts.

Game Sales

The revenue generated from game sales will directly impact the quality and quantity of textures, models, and other game elements. Higher sales allow us to invest in more advanced and detailed assets, thereby improving the overall gaming experience.

Kickstarter Funding

Funds raised through our Kickstarter campaign will also play a crucial role. The more funds we collect, the more we can invest in enhancing and expanding game elements. This includes not only textures and models but also gameplay features, scenarios, and more.

Donations on the Game’s Website

Donations received directly on the game’s website will also contribute to the development and improvement of game elements. These funds will be used to acquire new assets, hire additional staff, or implement community-requested features.

Potential Changes

It’s also possible that some elements may be removed or replaced based on player performance and feedback. We are committed to making Survival Bunker the best game possible, and that sometimes means making tough decisions about what to keep and what to change.

Development Timeline and Game Phases

Survival Bunker is an ambitious project that requires long-term development to reach its full potential. Due to the complexity and scope of the features we aim to incorporate, development will take time and significant resources. The game will go through extended alpha and beta phases, allowing us to test new features, adjust gameplay mechanics, and gather valuable feedback from the community. Your patience and support during these phases are crucial to the project’s success.

By supporting Survival Bunker, you’re not just buying a game;

you’re investing in its future and helping shape its evolution.

About the Creator and the Studio

Frédéric Delatte, the Creator

I am Frédéric Delatte, the founder of DF Games Studio.

Development Philosophy

I believe in creating games that offer a rich and deep experience. That’s why I dedicate time to developing complex storylines, thoughtful gameplay mechanics, and open worlds that invite exploration.

Community Support

Community support is essential for the success of this project. I am committed to listening to player feedback and incorporating it into the development process. Your voice matters, whether it’s through Kickstarter, community forums, or social media.

Registered in France

DF Games Studio, as well as the game Survival Bunker, are officially registered in France, adding an layer of authenticity and legal compliance to our project.


DELATTE Frédéric

Game Director

Ludwig Gaias


Nathan McCree

Music composer and sound effects


Kk Design

Environment Artist


3D Artist


Animations Artist

Exciting News: Nathan McCree Could Join “Survival Bunker”!

Dear supporters and game enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share a monumental update regarding our project “Survival Bunker.” If our Kickstarter campaign reaches its funding goal, we will have the immense honor of welcoming Nathan McCree to our development team!

But that’s not all!

If this collaboration is confirmed, many other talented individuals will also join the game’s development, further enriching our team and promising a game of exceptional quality.

Why is this a BIG deal? Nathan McCree is renowned for his musical compositions in the world of video games. His talent has elevated numerous titles to cinematic heights, immersing players in storytelling through his captivating music. With Nathan on board, “Survival Bunker” not only promises visual delight but also an auditory masterpiece.

What this means for “Survival Bunker”:
  • Cinematic Experience: Nathan’s iconic soundscapes will enhance the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, intensifying the game’s emotional depth.

  • Unique Audio Identity: Our game will have a distinct sound signature, setting it apart from other titles.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Music and sound design play a crucial role in the gaming experience. With Nathan’s expertise, players can expect a completely immersive journey in “Survival Bunker.”

However, for this dream collaboration to become a reality, we need YOUR support.

Support “Survival Bunker” today and play a crucial role in bringing our passionate team together with one of the industry’s musical legends. It’s not just about funding a game; it’s about creating a symphonic adventure that resonates with every player.

Commit now and be part of the history of video games!

Your support can bring an extraordinary team together to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Let’s make “Survival Bunker” resonate through the annals of gaming history.

Join us, spread the word, and let’s reach this funding goal together!


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