Toons City

Toons City is a modified version of the classic city simulation game. The game introduces gameplay elements to recreate the feelings and challenges inherent in creating and managing a real small town. Where the only limits are those of your imagination, take control of the city and show the residents what you can bring to them!

In theory, building a small town may seem simple, but in practice, there are numerous challenges. As the mayor of your city, you will have to manage essential aspects such as education, water and energy supply, police, firefighters, and healthcare, just like in a real city. You will also need to handle economic aspects, as in a real town.

Will you maintain diversity or maximize expansion?

The residents need resources to live and develop. For example, a port?

However, they will also need employment to cover their expenses.

However, they will also require rest, and it would be beneficial to take the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

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