Video game prototypes refer to games that are still in the development phase and are not yet finished. These games can be preliminary versions intended to be tested by a small group of players or working versions used by developers to test and improve different features of the game.

Game prototypes can contain bugs, unfinished graphics, and incomplete features, and they do not represent the final version of the game. These games are often reserved for a specific audience, such as internal testers or external testers who can provide feedback and suggestions to improve the game before its official release.

It is important to note that games in prototype can undergo significant changes before their official release, and the features or elements present in the prototype version may be modified, improved, or completely removed.

Survival Bunker

This is a real-time survival simulation game in which players must build and manage their own underground bunker to protect themselves from external threats such as natural disasters, wars, pandemics, and other apocalyptic events.

Players must manage resources, build infrastructure, and make critical decisions to ensure the survival of their community.

Galactic Ark: A Journey Through the Stars

This is a space survival and resource management game. You will need to use your intelligence and skills to navigate through the stars and find a new home for your group. The decision is in your hands, and the fate of your crew is in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge of this responsibility?

Toons city

This is a modified version of the classic city simulation game. The game introduces gameplay elements to replicate the sensations and challenges inherent in creating and managing a real small town. The only limits are those of your imagination, so take control of the city and show the inhabitants what you can bring to them!

Jurassic Survival

In this game, you play as a survivor stranded on a remote and unknown island populated by dinosaurs. Your goal is to find a way to survive in this hostile environment by finding food, clean water, building shelters, and avoiding dangerous dinosaurs.

But you won’t be alone on the island. You will also have to contend with the dinosaurs that inhabit the island, some of which are peaceful while others are formidable predators. To survive, you will need to learn to avoid the dangerous dinosaurs and perhaps even tame them to make them allies in your struggle for survival.


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